If you're new to unboxed, you may have noticed we like to let our rainbows fly... And in today's world, this simple icon can lead people to jump to conclusions of all sorts. But what does a rainbow mean to US?
      Put simply, rainbows represent love. They symbolize the past, present and future.
      We've sort of adopted rainbows as a thing in our boutique because our second store, as you may or may not know, actually came with an intact historical LED rainbow installed on one of the walls. This location in Bellefontaine was once home to Peach Tree Hallmark, and the space we now occupy was once decorated in a fun Wizard of Oz theme. When we moved in, most of the Wizard of Oz decor moved out. But not the rainbow... We asked to keep this historic remnant because of what it means to us, but also because we know what it's meant to the Bellefontaine community over the years.
      In the Bible, rainbows represent hope and promise. In human rights, they represent pride and inclusion. In folklore, they represent fortune. In weather, they represent rain being passed. In pop culture, they represent ruby slippers and a little girl with a dog from Kansas.
      So here's the thing... We don't care which meaning you prefer. We love them all. And we mean that. In the next few days, we will be putting together a special rainbow collection on our website. We hope you will embrace our love for others and the intent behind the collection, however you view rainbows. And we hope these little bursts of color brighten your day more than anything else.
      If you've made it this far, thanks for hanging with us. And just for the good of the order, please know any comments that don't align with our above mentioned values will be removed. We love y'all, and y'all means all.
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