About Nikki

Nicolette Winner, known to friends as Nikki, started unboxed boutique in 2015 after struggling to find fashionable and comfortable clothing for her curvy body, and her hope is to create a fun shopping experience for all women. She serves as chief buyer, overall store manager, biggest mess-maker, dedicated community-builder and drinker of too much Diet Coke. She is 43, lives in Tipp City, typically wears a size 3X, and her snark is strong.

Nikki and her uber tall hubby Adam have two rowdy boys, Grady and Graham. They live in Tipp City with their two ornery Goldendoodles. She lives for both bluegrass music and 90's grunge, and her perfect taco is carnitas and queso fresco on a soft corn tortilla.


Lead Retail Therapist
Christina Herron

Christina is from Tipp City and is 32. She wears a 2XL. Her favorite items in shop are unique T-shirts and fabulous mugs. Her perfect taco is a soft shell filled with beef, cheese, sour cream and lettuce.

Lead Retail Therapist
Liberty Conley

Liberty is 43 years old and lives in Bellefontaine. She typically wears a 1X. Liberty loves unboxed for its uniqueness, quality and (most importantly) its goal of encouraging women and showing love. (It's never about making a sale!) Her favorite taco is a deliciously loaded one... Add in extra cheese, extra sour cream, a soft shell, veggies and avocado. Just skip that hot sauce... She's spicy enough!

Retail Therapist
Kate Furr

Kate is 37 years old and lives in Bellefontaine. She typically wears a size large. Her favorite items in the shop include the super comfortable Judy Blue jeans, and she is totally obsessed with our mugs. (Who isn't?) She loves unboxed boutique because of its fun vibes and body positivity. Her favorite taco is a soft taco because you get a little of everything in each bite, and the more toppings the better! She says, "Bring on the flavor!"

Retail Therapist
Marissa Jennings

Marissa is 19 years old and lives in Tipp City. She loves our shop because of its welcoming atmosphere and unmatched inclusiveness. Her favorite taco MUST have a corn tortilla and sour cream - the rest doesn't even matter!

Retail Therapist
Stefanie Jones

Stefanie, 48, lives in Tipp City and typically wears a size 6/8. She loves the atmosphere of unboxed, the inclusiveness of our styles and the positive nature of our retail therapists. Stefanie also loves our involvement in the community. Her perfect tacos are both fish and chicken street tacos.

Retail Therapist
Dawn Mitro

Dawn is 31 and lives in Bellefontaine. Her favorite items in store are definitely the Judy Blue denim and our fun notebooks made of elephant poop! What she loves most about unboxed is that we offer plus size options and we aim to empower all women. Her favorite taco? That's easy... She loves a good steak taco from our neighbors at Flying Pepper.

Retail Therapist
Ashley Roseburrough

Ashley is 35 years old and lives in West Mansfield. She loves unboxed for its friendly, open working environment and because it allows her to share products with women that meet their needs. Her favorite products are our fashionable jewelry. If you're feeding her tacos, make them basic soft tacos with only mild sauce... Do not put tomato on them.

Retail Therapist
Megan Sechrest

Megan is 36 and lives in Bellefontaine. This mama loves unboxed because of the cute clothes and friendly people. She also likes that we include sizes for all people because it means she and her mom can shop together throughout the store instead of being in separate sections. Her perfect taco is a fish taco with pineapple salsa and cilantro.

Retail Therapist

Grady is the next generation of unboxed boutique... This teen is joining our team over Summer 2023. Nikki's oldest son, he lives in Tipp City and likes unboxed because it is (in standard boy fashion) "cool". His favorite taco is a crunchy taco with beef, lettuce, cheese and tomato.

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